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Mobile SEO

Network Ave offers Mobile SEO services. International Data Corporation estimates that smart phone sales will outpace PC sales by 100% in 2014. Approximately half of all online searches are currently taking place on a mobile device, with expectations to grow to 80% by the end of 2015. If your business is only offering a “good enough” solution, you are missing out on a unique ground floor opportunity. This is a new marketing channel that has different rules on how to succeed. Have you positioned your business to take full advantage of marketing to potential clients on their mobile devices? If not, why? People take their cell phones everywhere!

There are three options to get your business into the game in the mobile market place.

Responsive website design, this means your website has been coded to reconfigure to an easily view-able format for all mobile. A mobile app, which is by far the most expensive option. Mobile apps do not show up in search but the app download button on Google has made it a more attractive option for some businesses. You also have the option of investing in a mobile website and mobile SEO campaign. Mobile sites are built from the ground up by software developers who were intent on making an easy-to-navigate website software that specifically meets the needs of the mobile device user. Custom Mobile sites allow you to deliver mobile relevant content that users want when using their mobile phones for search. Offering mobile users easy access to your location map, offering special mobile coupons or mobile only in-store discounts, using QR codes at your businesses locations, everything is possible when you put your best marketing content in the mobile users finger-tips.

Mobile sites offer the best experience to mobile users. When your business invests in a mobile site specific SEO campaign, you see faster and more powerful ranking results on search engines. Local SEO campaigns see fantastic results when they “mobilize” their SEO marketing campaigns. Is your business forward thinking when it comes to marketing solutions? If so, mobile SEO campaigns offer a rare opportunity for organic rankings, traffic and R.O.I.

Network Ave believes in being mobile. Give one of our Fort Collins Mobile SEO Experts a call today.