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Mobile Websites

International Data Corporation estimates that smart phone sales will outpace PC sales by 100% in 2014. If your business is offering a “good enough” solution, you are missing out on the opportunity to effectively market to potential clients wherever they are. This is a relatively new marketing channel that has different rules on how to succeed. Have you positioned your business to take full advantage of smart phone searches? If not, why? People take their cell phones everywhere!

There are three options to get your business into the game in the mobile market place.

Responsive website design, this means your website has been coded to reconfigure to an easily view-able format for all mobile devices.

A mobile app, it is the most expensive option. However, Google’s recent app download button has made it a much more attractive for certain applications.

A mobile website, if mobile search search traffic is your goal, this is the best solution.

Mobile websites allow you to deliver mobile relevant content that users want when using their smart phones for search. Mobile sites are built from the ground up by software developers who were intent on making an easy to navigate website software that specifically meets the needs of the mobile device user. Mobile sites paired with a mobile SEO campaign will rank higher and usually more quickly than responsive websites.

If you want valuable mobile search traffic and also want to provide your clients with a premium, mobile relevant, website experience this is your solution. Mobile sites are everywhere on Network Ave, give us a call to learn more.