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SEO Hosting

Quality SEO Hosting is essential. On a scale of one to ten the importance of SEO hosting ranks at a five for successfully building your businesses organic search rankings. Poor quality hosting can cause Google penalties, security risks and slow download times. None of these options are acceptable, especially when focusing on improving your businesses SEO rankings.

Businesses need a dedicated server with the proper security software installed to protect your website from potential attacks. Unfortunately when you experience a boost in your search engine rankings, you can also become a target for website hacks and a few specific strategies hackers use to target your websites SEO. If your server is not secure your website can be at risk to incur Google penalties that are the result of what amounts to black hat SEO attacks designed to make your website appear to be buying spammy links, which gets you in trouble with search engines.

Quality SEO hosting means that you are protected. Imagine the peace and confidence of knowing you have zero security risks to your website and your SEO campaign. Think of NETwork Ave’s SEO hosting as Fort Knox and your current hosting as a local bank as far as online security.

Fast website download times are an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Google page speed insights determine user experience and therefore impact rankings. Our SEO hosting includes industry best bandwidth for fast download times for your website.

SEO hosting can also include multiple, secure IP addresses. If you are hosting multiple websites on a single server and you don’t have a c-class IP address for each individual website, you are hurting your SEO rankings. Having a multiple IP address solution, on a dedicated server, allows you to build a network of sites to increase organic ranking on your current websites. It also opens the door to employ ABC link strategies that can help boost your main websites rankings.

We also offer 24/7 server support.

NETwork Ave is a Fort Collins SEO agency offering enterprise level SEO hosting solutions for your business. It’s complicated but if you would like to learn more, feel free to call a NETwork Ave SEO expert, today!