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SEO Process


Let’s talk about the benefits and competitive advantages our SEO agency can provide for your business. Whether your focused on a national or local SEO campaign, the statistics are overwhelming, organic search results are clicked on six times more often than PPC ads. Studies also indicate that search engine users have a higher level of trust with organic search results compared to PPC ads. Think about that, organic visitors automatically trust your business more than your competitors who advertise with PPC. We all know that trust is the key component in attracting new clients. Creating trust for your brand by investing in organic SEO means that the conversion rate, according to several studies, on your organic search traffic will automatically be approximately 17% higher than paid ads. That’s true ROI.

As PPC costs continue to increase along all verticals, keeping your company ahead of the curve and maximizing profits with your marketing budget is a challenge. Investing in organic page one search results makes pure business sense. So does finding the right business partner to provide you with search engine ranking results.

NETwork Ave employs all W3 (World Wide Web Consortium) “white-hat” SEO techniques and applications. We also provide complete campaign transparency for our clients with our Vroomed SEO Dashboard. This client exclusive, real-time SEO dashboard shows in an easy to view format, all the information on the SEO work we are doing for your business.

Social Media

Our social media campaigns employ several proven strategies to increase your presence on the “big three” social media platforms to positively impact your search rankings. NETwork Ave’s talented social media managers will post original content daily insuring that the search engines see that your company is engaging your client base with an active social media campaign. The campaigns overall goal will be focused on improving your search engine rankings

Some SEO campaigns will require expanded social media campaigns that can include but are not limited to social media sites like Digg, Reddit and For competitive or niche’ industries an expanded social media presence can increase rankings and provide traffic is highly targeted.

On-Site SEO

Onsite optimization focuses on building on internal strengths and weaknesses of your current website and optimizing the code for SEO purposes. This fixes problems on your website in regard to your national or local SEO campaign. NETwork Ave makes sure there is an xml and html site map, including meta-tags, H1-H5 tags, image alt tags, etc. We will provide a full technical SEO analysis of your website, determine the amount of onsite SEO work your website needs and create and execute a
plan to insure your future rise in search engine rankings.

Content Writing

Great content writing is more than just writing great content. Your blog must rank high, on the first or second page, on search engine results for related keywords. Our SEO process recommends using your website blog page as the original posting source for the content we write for your SEO campaigns. Blogs are agile in that they allow not only text posts but can also include images, videos, links to other blogs and secondary content.

Blogs frequently trade traffic. Linking with other blogs that are widely read is an effective strategy we employ in our SEO process. The more quality content blog links your company’s website has the higher your blog will rank in the search engine results. Search engines algorithms also look at how often you update your website. The more frequently you update your site, the higher your search engine results will be. Having the right anchor text, images, imbedded code, html, keywords and keyword phrases for your blog is another important component to driving national or local SEO rankings. We focus on linking your blog to blog top-lists and blog review sites.

Hosting your blog on your domain with a sub-domain name that is keyword relevant for your SEO campaign will also place your blog content higher in the search engine results and create content credibility for your site.

Review / Directory Sites

Review sites provide useful information to online consumers on a myriad of products, services and entertainment. A good review site features intelligent, unbiased and honest reviews to the online world. As an example a review site may compare the quality of the content on several sites focusing on a certain topic, such as “concert reviews.” The reviews would be similar to reviews for movies on Fandango or Rotten Tomatoes. People want to read short reviews on the quality of almost anything they purchase to insure they are making a good decision with their money.

Having good reviews posted on the right review sites for your vertical will improve your SEO rankings. We also focus on insuring that your review site posts include a link back to your site. This is more likely to happen on positive reviews. The more back links to your site, the higher your will rank in search engine results. It is beneficial to include images, alt tags, titles, html, and codes in the review to get the best SEO optimization for your review site posts.

NETwork Ave employs directory sites strategies to achieve higher rankings in the search engine results. Your listings will be optimized with the right keywords on SEO friendly directories that will get you high quality volume traffic.

Press Releases

Our P.R. solution is a driving force in accelerating your SEO campaign results. Network Ave is a market leader in producing published online articles for your business on multiple news sites. News sites post an abundance of fresh content on a continual basis in every vertical imaginable. Fast Company, Website Magazine, Yahoo News or niche’ news site for your industry can bring valuable exposure and traffic to your businesses website. SEO rankings for news sites is usually high because of the volume of content they post and because they update their content constantly. This means news sites typically have high page rank, which is the key determining factor search engines use in establishing SEO value for a website. When NETwork Ave gets an article published on a news site a link to your website is included creating a high quality, organic back links to your website. We include relevant keywords and keyword phrase optimized anchor text in the press release to insure your article makes the maximum impact for your search engine rankings. This strategy not only gives your business more P.R. exposure online, it is extremely valuable in building your search engine rankings.


N.A.P. is an acronym for Name, Address and Phone number. When evaluating local businesses rankings, search engines will crawl local directory and review sites to insure that your company’s information is showing up 100% accurately on Yellow Pages, Dex, Yelp and dozens more. If there is any discrepancy in your business information your SEO rankings will suffer. Our system creates, updates and checks for and delete’s any duplicate listings on all viable directory sites serving your area quickly, usually in 48 hours.

NETwork Ave is a Fort Collins based SEO agency offering SEO and Mobile SEO services to Northern Colorado and the entire Front Range. Our SEO firms expert talent has a proven track record of success in providing page one search results in competitive online verticals. Contact us today for a Free SEO Boost Analysis!