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NETwork Ave is a Fort Collins SEO Agency serving Northern Colorado and the Front Range. Our firm employs 100% proven white hat search engine optimization strategies that drive actual results for our clients. As you probably already know there are hundreds of SEO firms that claim they can drive page one results. Our talent has a proven track record of driving true SEO results for our clients. Our SEO Process includes quality link acquisition, content writing, blogging, blog posts, social media management, site reviews, press releases and for local SEO campaigns, citations.

Mobile SEO

Our agency also offers Mobile SEO. M-SEO is a distinct SEO service and involves a separate campaign from traditional desktop SEO. Google has decided that desktop and mobile users have different search result needs. When you search a keyword from your mobile device it will render a different set of organic search results than you will see from your desktop. Approximately half of all online searches are currently taking place on a mobile device, with expectations to grow to 80% by the end of 2015. Investing in mobile SEO is vital for any company that is serious about growing their online presence. Contact us today, we will provide you with the road map to grow your MSEO rankings.

Web Design

NETwork Ave offers website design services to our SEO clients. We offer both custom design and our exclusive, beautifully designed WordPress themes. Quality website coding, or onsite SEO, is vital for increasing your SEO rankings. Responsive design for mobile devices is another important factor to consider. Approximately half of all searches occur on mobile devices, if your site isn’t mobile responsive, you won’t rank well organically on mobile searches. If your website has not been coded correctly for SEO or easy viewing or responsive design, you will never have the foundation needed to reach your SEO destination.

SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting is essential. On a scale of one to ten the importance of SEO hosting ranks at a five to truly improve your organic rankings. There are several reasons. Having a dedicated server and potentially a multiple IP address solution, that’s protected, means that you will have zero security risks to your site in comparison to shared hosting. Think Fort Knox versus your local bank branch as far security measures, Which one do you want? Our Fort Collins SEO experts are waiting to drive your keyword rankings to the top of page one, call us today!