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Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, social media madness is everywhere but what really matters when it comes to employing social media strategies for your business? The big three social media sites are key when it comes to SEO. You need an active social media presence to engage your loyal customers and grow your business. More importantly, search engines want to see your Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Google+ circles actively growing to move you up in their SEO rankings.

Network Ave includes excellent social media management as a part of our SEO firms strategy to keep your business moving ahead.

Network Ave’s talented social media managers will post original content daily insuring that the search engines see that you are engaging your client base with an active social media campaign.

More than half of the online consumers in the U.S. now reach out to companies with complaints or questions on Social Media according to Nielsen’s 2012 social media report. Engaging your clients and viewing social media as a customer service client interface needs to be a core focus to increase your brand equity. Even great companies will occasionally have dissatisfied clients that post something negative about your product or service on your social media pages. When that happens, Network Ave will contact you immediately to inform your company of the complaint and also to plan a social media response strategy.

In the social media world, people love to be a part of something as long as they don’t feel like they are being sold, it’s social! Companies achieving the most success with social media are focused on providing value, building relationships and engaging customers effectively. Your social media prospects and clients want content, special offers and customer service. When you meet the social media consumer’s needs, you grow your online presence and your clientele. Learn more about building your social media voice for SEO, talk to one of our Fort Collins SEO experts today.