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NETwork Ave is a Fort Collins website design firm. We offer fourteen beautifully responsive WordPress template options, produced by our in house graphic design specialists, we also offer custom website design services for our SEO clients. Quality website coding, or onsite SEO, is vital for increasing your SEO rankings. Responsive design for mobile devices is vital in today’s online marketplace. Approximately half of all searches occur on mobile devices, if your site is not mobile responsive, you won’t rank well organically on mobile searches. If your website has not been coded correctly your search engine rankings will suffer.

How well is your current website converting? Design dictates conversions when a visitor lands on your site. If your site is designed well and is visually appealing your conversion rate will increase and so will your sales. If your current site is under-performing when it comes to conversion rate your losing sales and revenue. Network Ave delivers professional, visually stunning designs that incorporate the technical marketing strategies for your industry insuring your website will convert clicks into clients.

We focus on several factors when working with a client on custom website design. Consistency of branding is crucial, is your company’s messaging and visual presentation consistent with your companies image with excellent brand voice for your industry.

Quality of design, visual assets including graphics and photo images are key. Your website is often the first impression a new visitor has of your business. You can never get that back. If you do not visually engage them and include proper messaging and clear calls to action, you are losing potential clients.

Your “call to action” is a vital component to your websites effectiveness in creating new clients for your business. There is a short time window when a unique visitor hits your site to when they decide to take an action, typically within the first two to five seconds.

When creating a compelling call to action, we make sure it stands out from the rest of your site. The color and presentation of your call to action should have considerable color contrast, compared to the rest of your website. Having multiple calls to action on the main page is also key. Your website is your company’s online salesman. With our website design services we focus on closing the sale and creating new clients for your business. Is your call to action powerful enough to take that potential client to the next step in the sales conversion process?

We also offer onsite optimization. Depending on our analysis of your current website and the amount of onsite SEO improvements your website needs, we may suggest rebuilding your site from the bottom up. Building a new site can often be advantageous. Scanning endless lines of code on a poorly optimized site or platform, often makes no sense for your business. Quality coding and onsite optimization tells search engines what keywords you should rank for in regard to your businesses offering. Our onsite SEO optimization includes an xml and html site map, title and meta-tags, H1-H5 tags, image alt tags, etc. We make sure your new site is ready to rank on search engines. Is your businesses website excellent?
If not, contact us. One of our Fort Collins web design specialists is ready to provide you with a solution.